Hello. This is my site where I talk about eroge I’ve played. You could call them reviews, I suppose, though I don’t mean to present myself as an eroge critic. Hence the impressions in the subtitle since this blog’s inception. Don’t ask me why I still assign numerical values to things—some sort of vestigial relic I guess. Or a bad habit, and I’m terrible at breaking habits, especially the bad ones.

I post about any story-based games, or シナリオゲー in weeaboo, that I read in Japanese. I rarely delve into translated titles anymore, and pretty much every time I do I, not to be elitist, end up walking away vaguely disgusted. A couple of the games I’ve posted about have gone on to receive translations (Air and A Profile) and I can’t be held responsible for any lesser enjoyment derived from the translations as compared to what I experienced in the quite-great originals.

I also post about some, only a fraction, of the nukige I read. They tend to be the ones that are interesting for at least one reason, sometimes more. They are not always good, though they usually are the good ones I write about. If you think nukige can’t be good fuck you. I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion but I have a hard time believing your writing-off of an entire subgenre of eroge isn’t in any way prejudiced by unhealthy anti-sex mentalities.

My philosophy for posts here entails as little plot summary as possible and as much abstract bullshit that tries to pin down subjective experience in concrete language as possible. Blogging is inherently masturbatory, I feel, so my posts can get pretty masturbatory and may at times completely disregard user experience.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts (even this one I suppose). I’ll try to reply though it may be late. Feel free to reply to my replies, even to the point where it becomes a kind of conversation. I like conversation about eroge, and it’s rare to have in English.

I update hideously sporadically.

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