Bishoujo Mangekyou –Katsute Shoujo datta Kimi he–



Bishoujo Mangekyou –Katsute Shoujo datta Kimi he– is a spinoff of ωstar’s Bishoujo Mangekyou, a series of short supernatural-romance nukige. The main games in the series are all short and this spinoff is shorter, running just an hour or two.

Story: 5/10

This Bishoujo Mangekyou, as a spinoff game, is somewhat different from usual offerings in the series. It doesn’t open with the usual frame narrative of our horror writer looking into the bishoujo mangekyou at the behest of mysterious girl Renge. Instead the game opens with Renge directly addressing the reader, then showing us a story, assumedly through the kaleidoscope.

The story this time is a glimpse into the relationship between photographer Kamijou Souta and Inamori Haru, an employee at the Japanese inn where our writer friend visits Renge. Haru is a very minor character in the other Bishoujo Mangekyou games. Or maybe just one of them, she plays such a small role that I hardly remember her. I think she has a few lines, total.

This very short game is pure ichaicha, and sex. Souta and Haru are already in a relationship as the story opens, and we’re given only a brief flashback to how they met. How they started dating, etc., is never addressed so there’s zero relationship development of any degree in the entire story.

But hey, ichaicha ain’t bad. It’s got its place and it’s enjoyable, although maybe only if you aren’t able to get some irl ichaicha but let’s be honest I think that applies to most of us here. The ichaicha in this game is really bland though. It’s boring. The characters aren’t interesting, we’ve got hardly any context for their relationship, and the ichaicha itself isn’t very well written. It’s just “you’re more beautiful than any model Haru” and “you’re the handsomest guy in the world Souta.” These are verbatim lines from the game. Even wish-fulfillment requires some delicacy in its execution, come on.

The writer had the decency to include some supernatural elements, since this is Bishoujo Mangekyou and the supernatural is a characteristic feature of the series. Here, however, the supernatural aspects of the story are completely half-assed and have no relevance to anything. Basically Souta has the ability to see Renge and she harasses him because she is annoyed by his over-the-top lovebird relationship with Haru, and honestly I can see where she’s coming from. So there’s a few very short horrorish scenes but they’re of no consequence and are immediately forgettable.

I get that this is a very short game but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be something interesting in the story. You can do a lot even with a short story. The writer didn’t even try, maybe because this was just a spinoff, but really the story just seemed like a waste of time, which means it couldn’t have possibly fulfilled whatever purpose it was meant to.

Characters: 6/10

Haru is kinda your typical waitress at a Japanese inn: polite, graceful, diligent. She’s got a bit of a cute side and more than a bit of a lewd side. This gap manages to create some degree of appeal to the character.

Souta is implied to be a manly type of guy, we don’t ever see him of course, but this contrasts with his shamelessness with regards to his love for Haru. Again, gap appeal. And I like protagonists who are open with their romantic feelings.

It was good seeing Renge again. God damn I want her game so badly. I kinda want the series to end right away so we can get it, since I’m assuming they’re saving her game for last. If they never come out with a Renge game I will retroactively award all games in the series a score of 0.

Sound: 8.5/10

The soundtrack reuses a lot of tracks from the other games, but also introduces two or three new tracks, which are all good. One of the new tracks is far too emotional and epic to possibly have any place in a low-key story such as this one, so I can only assume they made it for use in future games in the series.

No complaints on Haru’s voice acting. Renge’s cute as always. Cold, bitter loli, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Art: 9.5/10

Happou Bijin makes his triumphant return. Art is as gorgeous as ever. ωstar was gracious enough to include animation even in a short spinoff game. About a third of the ero is animated, and the animation is as good as in previous games. It’s pretty good animation but it can’t hold a candle to the best in the industry (read: elf).

Ero: 7.5/10

A significant portion of this short game is the ero. There are three long scenes. A driving force in the ero is the gap between Haru’s usual composed demeanor and her lewdness in the ero, and her relentless dirty talk. Initially this is crazy arousing. It gets less arousing as the dirty talk becomes repetitive, and you realize all she does is say adjectivecock, adjectivepussy (sometimes adverbcock, adverbpussy). The human erotic psyche requires creativity to be fully stimulated. For a waitress Haru is somewhat lacking in her sense of service. As is usual in this series the ero scenes are dragged on too long, with the protagonist cumming twice during every stage of the sex. He only really needs to cum once, the second round is just rehashing. And fuck, he cums twelve times during the course of the day the story covers. However this is probably the best ero in the series so far.

Usually there is some appeal to seeing a side character get fucked. Not really sure what it is, maybe something related to wanting what you can’t have or what is harder to get. Whatever, it doesn’t apply here because Haru is such an incredibly minor side character (I looked it up and she only appears in the second game) that she might as well be an all-new character.

Overall: 65/100

Pros: Ero; music and art; Renge is in it a bit

Cons: Ichaicha is boring

I would assume ωstar put this game out to hold fans over until the next full game in the series, given that it’s been almost two years since the last entry and will be even longer by the time they release the next main entry. Sadly there is nothing of any substance to this game. There’s nothing outright bad about it, it just feels so pointless. It doesn’t quench one’s thirst for Bishoujo Mangekyou, since it hardly feels like a Bishoujo Mangekyou game. There is no interesting story here, no convincing character relationships. Yeah, you can fap to the ero scenes easily enough, but that’s all you’ll really get out of Katsute Shoujo datta Kimi he.

The most interesting thing about this whole game is its ambiguous place in relation to other games in the series. The story, though apparently shown to us through the prettygirl kaleidoscope, involves characters we have seen outside the kaleidoscope. The only real intriguing implication here is that the stories seen through the kaleidoscope are potentially “real” within the reality of the frame narrative/overarching story. But since we already knew of the existence of the supernatural in the series’ reality (e.g. Renge) this isn’t actually that big of a deal.

Also I was really glad the protagonist wasn’t the writer character (I should really bother to remember his name) and he wasn’t the one doing it with Haru. If he fucked a girl who wasn’t Renge I would’ve been mad as hell. The relief was probably the best part of this game for me, honestly.

5 Responses to “Bishoujo Mangekyou –Katsute Shoujo datta Kimi he–”

  1. 1 THEHELLDO March 25, 2014 at 1:30 am

    welcome back bby (over a week late but w/e). supposedly, there’s another installment in the series that’s coming out soon. i didn’t even know about this until a few days ago so pretty nice that your review popped up just recently

    • 2 track0 April 2, 2014 at 9:45 am

      Thanks b. Yep, the next game will probably be out this year and it’ll be a full game. Knowing this going into this little spin-off kept me from getting mad as hell that after the long wait since the last Biman we got something so short and worthless. It’s probably just a little something the writer phoned-in while working on the next main game.

      I would complain that they still could’ve given us fans a better reward for waiting patiently, but I pirate this stuff so I’ve no ground to stand on.

  2. 3 Mazryonh March 30, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    Yes, please posting up more eroge reviews. Happou Bijin’s art is good (what does that pen name translate as?) but good art is almost always better when it’s paired with good writing (which wasn’t the case here).

    And you’re right. Even nukige deserve to have a good grounding for the “ichaicha” to take place.

    • 4 track0 April 2, 2014 at 9:50 am

      His name is 八方美人 spelt with different kanji (he uses 八宝備仁).

      八方美人 はっぽうびじん (n) one who is affable to everybody; a flunky; person beautiful from all angles; everybody’s friend; person who shows people what they want to see

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