Bishoujo Mangekyou -Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo-



The second in ωstar’s Bishoujo Mangekyou series of short supernatural romance nukige, this one subtitled Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo.

Story: 8/10

Our writer friend from the first game returns to the Japanese inn to gather more occult research material. He meets the mysterious girl Renge again and she shows him another story through the Bishoujo Mangekyou.

Akihito and Shizuku are childhood friends. When they were young Shizuku confessed to Akihito, though for some reason he didn’t tell her that he loved her too even though he did. Flash forward to high school and Shizuku moves away and for two years Akihito has no contact with her, not for want of trying, and goes hikikomori mode. Then Shizuku suddenly moves back, saves him from his hikikomori life, and they pick up their relationship where it left off.

This week on Bishoujo Mangekyou there’s more focus on plot, which kinda works and kinda doesn’t. There’s a longer intro leading up to the sex, which is good and develops the main characters and their relationship nicely. But unfortunately (?) the protagonist and heroine both already love each other and it doesn’t take them long to start going out and when they do it’s virtually problem-free. Given that the steady relationship development was one of the things I liked the most about the first game it’s pretty disappointing that here the relationship development basically ends after the intro. Then there’s just a bunch of sex. The only plot here comes in the form of hints here and there of something not being quite right. This foreshadowing is pretty clumsily handled in my opinion. Some stuff is really obvious, whereas other elements of the foreshadowing are just puzzling and don’t give any hints for the reader to work with. The worst part is is that these two types of foreshadowing are repeated over and over again between the ero scenes, never changing, never offering any new hints or insight, so it gets pretty frustrating and a little boring.

The other stuff that goes on during the string of sex scenes that constitutes the majority of the game is generic school life hijinks. While the last Bishoujo Mangekyou was also set in a school, the setting was a lot more unique (elegant all-girls Christian school) and it didn’t receive much focus. Here you have to sit through typical situations and jokes you’ve read hundreds of times before, and not executed with any novelty either―I was disappointed with the writer here. I guess this section is basically like a moege, since it’s carried solely by Shizuku’s cuteness.

The main twist in the story is so obvious that I’m still not sure if the writer intended it to be an actual twist or not. It’s pretty agonizing waiting for something you already know to be revealed, especially when they keep dropping “hints” about it. Luckily once it finally is revealed, near the very end of the game, there’s a little more to it, and then the real plot starts. From there the story really surpassed my expectations in terms of surprises, and most surprisingly, emotional impact. Although the endgame is probably less than an hour long it’s enough to make up for every deficiency in the story so far, it’s worth sitting through all the school life stuff, it’s just that good. I don’t want to overhype it but the amount of surprises and tugs to the heartstrings, delivered rapidfire one after another, made for a very satisfying conclusion.

Characters: 7/10

Shizuku: The heroine. Airheaded osananajimi. Really cute and innocent, childish even, which contrasts with her extremely erotic body. The only good character in the cast, but hey only heroines really matter in eroge and she’s the only heroine here.

Akihito: The protagonist. Pretty annoying. He starts off as a gloomy hikikomori and throughout the game has this sullen whininess to him. Plus he treats Shizuku like shit.

Kouji and Megumi: Generic friend characters. Since this is a generic school life story Megumi is of course in love with Akihito.

Sound: 8/10

Some of the tracks, maybe about half of them, are from the previous game, which didn’t bother me at all, both being so short. Plus the old tracks are better than just about any of the new ones. Overall it’s not as elegant but the refined soundtrack from the previous game wouldn’t fit this one’s atmosphere anyways. The track used as the main thematic track is really good; I can’t remember if it was in the previous game or not.

Shizuku’s voice is really cute but not particularly well-acted. In the ero scenes she sounds kinda monotone, but for some reason that was actually hot? The friends have passable voice acting.

Art: 9.5/10

Still Happou Bijin, still amazing. If anything even more amazing here, since Shizuku gives him more to work with, literally, than Kirie. Not that I have anything against tight loli bodies―don’t misunderstand me―but I think Shizuku’s extremely voluptuous body allowed Happou Bijin to go all out and release his full power level.

Something I didn’t mention last time is that the backgrounds in these games are also very beautiful. Not to mention abundant―there are a number of times when they went out of their way to draw a background that would only be used once.

There’s animation in this game too, but once again after the first few scenes it disappears only to make a return for a single scene later on, like it’s taunting you or something. Thank god one of the paizuri scenes got animated at least. Nothing could restrain my fury if none of the (three) paizuri scenes had been animated.

Ero: 7.5/10

As I predicted, I enjoyed the ero way more in this game. No femdom shit. Plus dear god Shizuku’s body is fucking erotic. Like I said, I like bodies like Kirie’s too, but Jesus Shizuku could even convert the devoutest lolicon, I reckon. Another, uh, enjoyable dynamic in the ero is Shizuku’s innocence vs. the lewdness inherent in the sexual act, and Shizuku becoming more lewd the more sex she has. Actually it’s more like what the Japanese call “mach ochi” and Shizuku becomes perverted as fuck after having sex like two times, but there’s still some of that lewd v. cute flavoring and it’s delicious. Erokawaii, I believe is the academic term. The downside of the mach ochi is that the ero begins to take on the same tone and get redundant i.e. boring (again, in contrast the first game had a continually evolving ero dynamic). Plus Akihito starts getting sadistic and does really mean things to Shizuku, which she always forgives. Oh, and the scenes are still way too long, though some of them actually use multiple CGs this time and I think the description might be a little better written. Overall the ero was pretty good, maybe about as good as can be expected from a vanilla nukige.

Overall: 80/100

Pros: Great plot at the end; Happou Bijin art; good soundtrack; Shizuku’s hot body; pretty good sex

Cons: Plot is lame in the middle; bad foreshadowing; protagonist and side characters suck; seriously ωstar what happened to the animation

In most ways the first Bishoujo Mangekyou is better than this game. Its plot is more focused and develops more steadily, as does the relationship between the protagonist and heroine, and as does the ero. I was convinced the first game was better up until the end of this one, which packs such a huge punch that it left me feeling much more satisfied than the first game. Normally I dislike letting an ending, whether good or bad, too heavily influence one’s overall opinion of a story, but in a case like this where the “ending” I’m talking about constitutes the majority of the plot (as in the last game there’s only a few minutes of story between sex scenes) I’m okay with it.

I warmly await future games in this series. Also Renge and that writer dude whose name I don’t remember really need to fuck before this is all over. She totally wants it too, why else does she show the guy porn stories?

3 Responses to “Bishoujo Mangekyou -Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo-”

  1. 1 Mazryonh July 1, 2013 at 12:04 am

    I wasn’t a fan of Happou Bijin’s art in his(?) previous titles. Something about the lineart, colouring, shading, and body proportions used in his earlier titles like Resort Boin, Kanojo x 3, and Classy Cranberry’s simply didn’t look right to me. But if (and it’s a big if) H.B. makes more titles with this style of art, I might change my mind. The elements I mentioned earlier finally start to work together better this time around, without the outrageous proportions seen on some of H.B.’s characters in earlier titles too.

    And who is the green-haired girl in this game’s CGs? I don’t see her mentioned in your characters section.

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