Sanjigen Shoujo wo Hogo Shimashita

3D Shoujo



Sanjigen Shoujo wo Hogo Shimashita is a 2008 eroge by Heat Soft. The game would probably be classified as a nukige, which I didn’t realize before I started playing it.

Story: 6.5/10

The premise of 3D Shoujo is very simple. The protagonist, Rokurou, is an otaku, hikikomori, and home security guard (i.e. NEET). During a nighttime outing to pick up an eroge magazine at the local convenience store he meets a girl, Sara, who follows him home, then starts living in his room. The development of the story is equally simple, in that there isn’t much of it at all. Basically the game just revolves around Sara living with the protagonist and having lots of sex with him. Even the two points where there’s actual plot potential, Rokurou having to hide Sara’s presence from his family and the mystery of why she decides to live with and have sex with a worthless NEET, are never even developed to a bare minimum. The story does throw one curveball at you, but it’s foreshadowed enough that its revelation isn’t really that surprising. Shortly after said twist the story suddenly resolves itself and abruptly ends.

So there really isn’t anything to the plot, but it’s still fun to read. Why? Because the interactions between Rokurou and Sara are entertaining. You have a typical 3D girl and a typical otaku living together in a single room, and their exchanges are very enjoyable. The humor in the game is also decent. It only made me actually laugh out loud a few times but the rest of the humor was enough for me to at least crack a smile. Beyond the humor though there was just something fun about the story. Unfortunately there isn’t nearly enough of it. Not only is the game very short, it’s also chock full of ero scenes. Oftentimes there’s only 5-10 minutes between them. I really wanted to read more about Sara and Rokurou living together, so I was left dissatisfied with the brevity of the story and the fact that most of it was ero. But what was there was good.

Characters: 7/10

Sara: A typical 3D girl, with all the flaws of 3D, somehow made moe by the power of 2D. Eroge sure is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? As you would expect of a heroine modeled after real girls, Sara is unique as far as eroge heroines go. She’s selfish, slutty, and condescending, all in a manner similar to how some real girls are. Obviously not all 3D girls are like that, but Sara is meant to be a caricature of all the things otaku typically hate about real girls. But as I mentioned, what would be repulsive in real life becomes charming in eroge.

Yuki: The protagonist’s little sister. Unlike Sara she definitely isn’t supposed to be like a real girl. In fact she’s a very stereotypical imouto character. Perhaps even more doting, innocent, and unrealistic than most. There’s nothing unique about her but if you like the archetype there’s no reason not to like her.

Rokurou: The protagonist. A NEET and 2D otaku. Luckily he isn’t as worthless or annoying as some otaku protagonists (for example the guy from Chaos;Head). At the same time he isn’t an unrealistically perfect otaku like Ryou from Real Imouto. He falls somewhere in between, in other words something close to normal. He does have hikikomori tendencies but they’re never portrayed as being that extreme. This is probably a good thing because too much self-pitying or self-loathing can get irritating quickly. There are a few times where Rokurou reflects on his lifestyle, how he came to be a hikikomori, and how it’s not a good thing, but these introspections are never very lengthy or in-depth. But make no mistake, he’s definitely an otaku and thinks like one, so he’s still an interesting protagonist with interesting narration.

Sound: 6/10

The music in the game is quite poor. Most of the BGMs are terrible, a few are decent, and there’s no sense of cohesion to the soundtrack. It’s like they just threw together a bunch of random tracks ranging in quality from bad to mediocre. It’s also a limited soundtrack, leading to many songs not fitting the scenes during which they play. There are no vocal songs, which is probably a good thing because I bet they’d be terrible if there were any.

On the other hand the voice acting is quite good, though not exactly amazing. Sara’s voice acting really makes her sound like a real girl, and Yuki sounds as cute as a little sister should. Of the two I definitely preferred Sara’s voice. Surprisingly both do an even better job during ero scenes (I find the trend is almost always the other way around). I can see some people being annoyed by Yuki’s ero voice, but for some reason I still liked it.

Art: 7/10

The art is solid. The quality is good and the style, while not exactly unique, isn’t completely generic. Nearly all of the CGs are in the ero scenes, and they’re very fappable for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on (I know part of it is Sara’s striped thigh highs). Unfortunately most of the scenes only have one base CG, which is disappointing in a game meant mainly for fapping. The only other complaint I have about the art is that there are a few anatomical errors, though the only real noticeable one is the arms in some of Sara’s sprites.

Ero: 8/10

The ero in this game is surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because the sex itself is pretty plain, no real fetish stuff, yet manages to be very hot. There is a little bit of incest in the harem route, which also has a couple other odd scenes, but the Sara route never goes beyond masturbation and basic vaginal intercourse (there’s not even any fellatio). I wouldn’t have thought a nukige with mostly normal sex could work very well, but this game proved me wrong. I already mentioned that the voices and art are both great during the ero scenes, but the writing is also good. The writing is more vulgar than I’m used to, but maybe that’s what made it hot. Not only is the ero good, but there’s also lots of it. The game is really short but it packs in 18 ero scenes. The scenes are somewhat short, especially compared to some of the games I’ve played recently, but they aren’t short enough to be unsatisfying. In fact having shorter ero scenes was nice for a change.

Overall: 72/100

Pros: Lots of great ero; entertaining character interactions.

Cons: Very short; not enough of those entertaining character interactions; even the minimal plot could have easily been made at least a little more substantial.

Sanjigen Shoujo wo Hogo Shimashita is a short but enjoyable eroge. If you want a fapping game where the stuff between the porn is actually fun to read this is worth looking into.

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