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True Blue is a 2002 netorare eroge by LiLiM DARKNESS. If you don’t know what netorare is don’t read this review, don’t try to look up what it means, and just forget you ever heard about it. Otherwise you may find yourself raging so hard you throw your computer out the window, or even worse come to like the stuff. I wasn’t originally going to post about fapping games but what the hell, they’re an important part of the medium so it’s not bad to give them some attention every now and then.

Story: 6/10

The general premise of True Blue is that there’s a secret organization that selects exceptional girls to be sex slaves. The way they do this is by choosing a number of men close to the girl and giving them the task of training her. They’re given a month to do so, and whoever successfully breaks her gets a cut of the profit when she’s auctioned off by the organization. Actually I’m not sure if that’s exactly how it works but whatever.

At the beginning of True Blue the protagonist Akito’s childhood friend Aoi is chosen by the organization to be the next sex slave, and he’s chosen as one of the potential trainers. Obviously he doesn’t want to make her into a sex slave (actually this is an eroge so maybe it’s not that obvious, but in this game the protagonist isn’t a rapist) so instead he decides to protect her from all of the other trainers. Unfortunately he doesn’t know who any of the people out to get Aoi are.

So this sounds like it might actually have the potential to have an interesting plot, or at least it did to me. I knew it was mostly about sex but I thought the story could be pretty good as well. Unfortunately my modest expectations were betrayed. There were two main ways I thought the story could have been cool. The first would be by having all sorts of interesting plots concocted by the other trainers to get Aoi that Akito would have to discover and outmaneuver. Unfortunately the other trainers use the most simple and straight forward techniques to get her. The most sophisticated method is blackmail using voyeur photos, which is boring as hell (the others are just stuff like seduction, getting her drunk, or your basic rape). Also, you might be thinking there could be some mystery regarding the identities of the other trainers, but nope pretty much every character around you is trying to get Aoi and it’s obvious from the beginning.

The other potential I thought True Blue might have is presenting you with challenging choices, where you have to make the right ones to protect Aoi. Unfortunately almost all of the choices are completely obvious. Most of the time you have three options: one where Akito interferes with the person trying to get her, one where he follows them and sees an NTR scene, and one where he ignores her and you see the scene through Aoi’s eyes. It’s usually very simple to tell which is which. There are a few instances where you might make a wrong choice, and even missing one or two can get you a bad end (I got one bad end before getting the good one), but the game can hardly be called challenging.

While I was disappointed with the wasted potential of the story, it actually wasn’t that bad. While the story doesn’t make the best of its premise, the school life scenes are surprisingly entertaining. The usual scenes like waking up, going to school, classes, lunch, etc. are actually better than in the average school comedy, mostly because of the hilarious exchanges between Akito and Aoi. More humor can be found in how Akito chooses to interfere with the other trainers. It’s never anything special, usually him just pretending to be a clueless idiot, but it’s still entertaining. If you avoid the NTR and get the good end True Blue is actually a fairly well done, if typical, school love comedy. Finally, there are still some decent parts in the darker side of things, though usually the emotional side of the NTR is a little too melodramatic. Luckily the game doesn’t indulge in it too much. So the story definitely isn’t bad, it just could have been a lot better. But hey, this is a sex game.

Characters: 6/10

Kanzaki Aoi: The protagonist’s childhood friend and the main (or rather only) heroine of the game. She’s a very typical childhood friend, of the violent, tsundere variety. But I thought she was a well executed childhood friend character. Maybe it’s my weakness to the archetype. Either way, she was a likable enough heroine for the NTR to have sufficient effect, and that’s what matters in a game like this.

Kurusu Akito: The protagonist. Depending on the choices you make his personality completely changes so it’s hard to judge him as a character. Going by the common scenes and right (non-NTR) choices, he’s immature, rude, and quick to anger, but all in an endearing way. As I already mentioned his fights with Aoi are funny, and although he’s not honest to her about his feelings he definitely tries his hardest to protect her. If he was like that all the time he would actually be a good protagonist, but he’s completely different when you make the choices that lead to NTR. He’ll ignore Aoi completely even though it’s obvious she’s in danger. Even worse he’ll see her being taken advantage of or even outright raped and not do anything. It got annoying reading him whine about “I need to save her, but I can’t do anything. My body won’t move. I’m getting an erection.” I know that the writers had to make his character turn pathetic like this for the NTR scenes to work though, so I don’t really hold it against him.

The others: There are many other characters, all trying to get Aoi. These trainers (I really should have chosen a different term because now I keep thinking of Pokemon) are all complete stereotypes. It’s not like they need any depth other than trying to fuck Aoi. At least the game doesn’t try to make them real characters, so I never felt annoyed by them or anything. They fulfill their role and didn’t irritate me, so I don’t have any complaints about them.

Midori Sakurako: Flatchested twin-tailed genki kouhai who needed more ero scenes.

Sound: 7/10

The music in the game is surprisingly good. There aren’t any standout tracks but the quality is consistently high across the board. There are only a dozen songs but because they’re good they never got annoying. They have an old school feel, like from a 90’s eroge.

The voice work, unfortunately, is not as good as the music. The main heroine’s voice is pretty good, until you get to the ero scenes. Then she sounds terrible. The first scene I got I didn’t notice because she was drunk, but she actually sounds the same way in every scene! I guess the slurred, intoxicated voice kind of brings out the sluttiness of the character, but it still sounded bad. All of the other characters, even the males (but not the protagonist), are voiced. Most of them aren’t as bad as Aoi’s ero voice, but none are particularly good either. Also the voices cut out completely for some scenes. If they couldn’t afford to fully voice the thing they should have cut the male voices instead of having random unvoiced scenes.

Art: 7.5/10

I’m conflicted about the art in this game. Most of the sprites are rough and ugly, but the CGs are actually really good. But the CGs are what really count in a fapping game so I’ll lean toward the favorable side. The art style, like the music, is reminiscent of a 90’s game (even the system feels really old, although this is an 02 game). However the art quality, at least CG-wise, looks good even for an eroge from 2002. Plus I personally liked the style. There are also a lot of CGs, though they’re understandably almost all ero. So if it weren’t for the sprites this game would have great art.

Ero: 9/10

The point of True Blue is ero, and it does awesome in that area. Provided you are into netorare, which there’s no way you would be playing this game if you weren’t. This game is NVL style so the ero scenes are very heavy on description, rather than just moaning and sucking sounds. Luckily the descriptions are fairly good, or at least about as good as I’ve seen for descriptions of sex. But what really make the ero great are the situations. The game makes the most out of the NTR genre. It covers a huge range of NTR situations. There are over 80 ero scenes. The catch is that many of these are variations of a single scene, such as from either Aoi’s or Akito’s perspective or whether Aoi’s a virgin or not. Given the nature of NTR it’s actually quite nice to see the scenes from both perspectives though, so I don’t consider this a drawback at all. The virgin thing isn’t as important but it was necessary given the layout of the game. Anyways, you get to see Aoi get fucked by a lot of different people, in a lot of different ways, and from different perspectives, and it’s fucking hot. I don’t think I’ve ever fapped to an eroge as much as I did to this one. I even wasted an entire weekend fapping to it. Okay, enough about my masturbatory habits. The only downside is that given the wide variety of scenes there were naturally a few that I wasn’t too into.

Overall: 76/100

Pros: Tons of great NTR action. Also pretty funny at times.

Cons: Aoi has a terrible voice during ero scenes. The plot is full of wasted potential.

Play this if you like NTR and want to fap.

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